Top 10 teddy bear museum

Teddy bears have first introduced to the world more than 100 years ago, but their appeal remains timeless. Both children and adults love to cuddle and cherish teddies that come in all sizes, shapes, and stuffings. Today, they are no longer regular toys, but some people view them as best friends if not valued members of the family. People love toys too much to the extent that today there are museums that have been opened in different locations across the globe showcasing different types of teddies. Below are the top ten teddy bear museum where individuals can explore the teddy world.

The Teddy Bear Museum Dorchester

The Teddy Bear Museum Dorchester

An unmissable family museum, the teddy bear house is home to family sized bears. Here you can enjoy an excellent collection of teddy bears and meet the Edward family that is crazy about bears. It is a delight and charm to bear lovers of all ages with a display of over a hundred teddy bears from antique teddies to current TV favorites.

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

It is the only and first museum in Southeast Asia. Here revelers can have a blast taking pictures with the teddies and explore a collection of more than 200 teds. The fairy tale zone has teddy bears shows every Saturday and Sunday. Individuals can also feel the cuteness, sound, light, and temperature of the stuffed animals by holding or hugging them.

The Bear House Newby Hall & Gardens

It is a museum that is home to bears which have been lovingly collected over the years by an enthusiast called Gyles and Michele his wife. It shows famous bears along with the ones in scenes and guises. Here you can also bring your favorite soft toy to enjoy a bear picnic.

MerryThought Museum

It has traditional handmade bears which are brought to life with unique design and quality that lasts a lifetime. The famous family business crafts the finest mohair bears that kids and older people adore globally. They mostly deal with limited edition and traditional teds and punkie and cheeky bears. They are ideal gifts for birthdays, weddings, christenings, and other special occasions because you can personalize them to include a person’s name, the date they were born or any other data they hold close to their heart.

Teddy Bear Museum of Naples

A visitor attraction in Naples, the museum started when Frances Hayes received a bear from her grandchild. From then, she began collecting teds which she showcases in her museum. Her collection boasts of about 5,500 individual bears. Private collectors donated a majority of the soft toys. The museum also has exhibits like teddy bear wedding ceremonies, parades, picnic, “beard of directors,” and collectibles from across the globe.

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

The first Teddy Bear Museum in Korea, it allows people to view handcrafted teddies, dressed in costumes showcasing life-like poses and made of German mohair. It allows visitors to learn the history of the toys and see art pieces recreated around the stuffed animals. Additionally, you can also view motor driven animatronic bears. With an exhibition hall and two galleries that have a diverse and rare collection of the teds that include numerous Steiff’s traditional bears, the place makes an interesting visiting site. Noteworthy is that the chain is also found in Gunsan, Seorak, Gyeongju, and Yeosu in South Korea, as well as Haikou and Chengdu in China.

Teseum, Teddy Bear Safari Theme Park

Everyone’s soft toy comes to life in the enchanting museum. It contains hundreds of toy bears and is the largest feel and touch teddy’s museum on Jeju Island. The thematic zones and safari themed zone set it apart from other museums. The safari theme allows visitors to experience Africa crisp air as you watch numerous fearsome wild animals in their stunning pushed- up forms. The Amazone allows individuals to see Tarzan and explore rainforest in its stuffed glory because it features animals from Amazon Jungle. Other zones include the band, aqua, castle, fairytale land, hera bear, civilization, and biggy zone among many others where persons can feast their eyes on fantastic teddies. You will probably want to take them home.

German Teddy Bear Museum

The largest teddy bear according to the Gusiness World Book of Records welcomes visitors to the exhibition that started operating in 2008. Standing at 5.6 meters long, you can hardly miss it. It does not only deal with massive collection because the museum also displays the smallest and innumerable teddies. In a room that has more than a thousand soft toys, visitors get an opportunity to trace the development of the fluffy playmates from the ancient years to present years. Here, you will also get the rare opportunity to be part of the creative process as you can explore workshops where teddy makers are busy doing traditional work by hand. If in the mood, you can even stuff your favorite companion in the hobby room. Nothing can be as thrilling as bringing home a ted that has a birth certificate because you helped in the birthing process.

Teddy Bear Museum (Grandma Teddies)

It is a different kind of museum because it operates online. Some people also refer to it as an archive of bears. Collectors and other stuffed animal enthusiasts can identify the type, make and date of bears. They can use the information to make a pictorial history of the teds from the 1900’s all through to the twentieth century. The site grew as a result of the owner collecting teds for her granddaughters. Only a few items are on sale. She requests other people to share photos of their teddies so as to fill in the gaps in her collection. She also confesses that she buys bears from collectors from time to time.

Teddy Bear Museum Jungmun Tourism Complex

Located on Jeju Island and one of the main tourist attractions in Korea, the museum opened its doors in 2001. It boasts of a unique collection of bears that entertain guests. The exhibition is solely dedicated to the teddies. It has different admission fees for individuals, seniors, people with disabilities and group. It does not allow people with pets unless they are secure in a carrier. The museum’s well-ordered and trim interior has three principal themes, i.e. historical exhibits, art, global brands all which use teddy bears as models.


Top 10 Things To Do Near Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum is an unmissable family museum since people-sized bears are the most common. There is a collection of teddy bears that are wonderful and can be seen throughout the museum. The collection ranges from early antique teddy bears to modern favorites. The Teddy Bear Museum is no doubt a fun family museum that charms and delights teddy bear lovers and it is an enchanting treat that one cannot afford to miss. The experience is overwhelming, not because teddy bears of all sorts are waiting to greet you, but because there are a lot of things that you can near The Teddy Bear Museum. Here are the top ten things to do near Teddy Bear Museum.

Go for camping

Camping can be an ideal break for you to experience an enjoyable break near the teddy bear museum. Camping is a fantastically thrilling way to holiday since its favorite with children and families and gives one the freedom to explore all the places near the museum. The area has fantastic camping parks that offer pitches at reasonable prices. You can even create your own camping tour and experience the diverse landscapes.

Visit the Dinosaur Museum

There are lots for you and your family to see and to do at the Dinosaur museum since it is an all-weather attraction. There are skeletons, fossils and much more to see. You get to see prehistoric reptiles and mammals and mammoths.

Visit the County Museum

Discover the history of the unique place at the County Museum and get to explore the story of the country right from prehistory to the present day. While here, visit the atmospheric and nostalgic Victorian Gallery. You can as well see the Jurassic Coast Gallery so that you can learn about dinosaurs. Here you will be able to learn how the remains of the dinosaurs from the landscapes and rocks known today. There are pathways throughout with limited mobility.

Go to the Tutankhamun Exhibition

At the Tutankhamun Exhibition, you get to experience the wonder and magnificence of the world’s greatest finding of ancient treasure. Here, you can explore the ante-chamber that is filled with treasures that include sentinel facts of Tutankhamun, golden animal couches, as well as the golden throne. Also, you get to enjoy the odors of fragrant ointments, oils, and woods. This is the only place that you have the opportunity of coming face to face with Tutankhamun’s mummified body.

Go for a Thomas Hardy Explorer Tour

Thomas Hardy lovers can consider taking a guided tour. You have the chance of going for Ghost Walks. If you are in a group, you will be taken for a tour of the Teddy Bear Museum environs. There are also individual tours. You can either go for outer or inner tours. However, they can be combined so that they suit your interests and preferences.

Go To A Online Mattress Trial Store

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Going to Cinema

You can consider spending your valuable time watching a movie at Plaza Cinema or Odeon Dorchester. If you are looking for a lovely, old fashioned, and amazing cinema with good refreshments, you can visit the Plaza cinema. Going to the cinema will be a reasonable night out for you and your family.

Visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum

If you have never learned about the history of Terracotta soldiers, you can do all that at Terracotta Warriors Museum. It’s small since it shares home with the teddy bear museum. The place is informative when it comes to learning how the warriors were found and put together.

Swimming and fitness facility

You can join the local community in the nearby sports center for swimming. Also, there is a fitness facility that offers a huge range of pf classes and activities for people of all ages.

Another thing that you can do near teddy bear museum is kayaking along the Jurassic Coast and sail in the twenty-twelve Olympic waters.

Cycling is good for your health. It’s one of the things that you can do near the museum. You can ride along unspoiled beaches or visit nature reserves. Cycling is one way to enjoy the south coast.