Top 10 Things To Do Near Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum is an unmissable family museum since people-sized bears are the most common. There is a collection of teddy bears that are wonderful and can be seen throughout the museum. The collection ranges from early antique teddy bears to modern favorites. The Teddy Bear Museum is no doubt a fun family museum that charms and delights teddy bear lovers and it is an enchanting treat that one cannot afford to miss. The experience is overwhelming, not because teddy bears of all sorts are waiting to greet you, but because there are a lot of things that you can near The Teddy Bear Museum. Here are the top ten things to do near Teddy Bear Museum.

Go for camping

Camping can be an ideal break for you to experience an enjoyable break near the teddy bear museum. Camping is a fantastically thrilling way to holiday since its favorite with children and families and gives one the freedom to explore all the places near the museum. The area has fantastic camping parks that offer pitches at reasonable prices. You can even create your own camping tour and experience the diverse landscapes.

Visit the Dinosaur Museum

There are lots for you and your family to see and to do at the Dinosaur museum since it is an all-weather attraction. There are skeletons, fossils and much more to see. You get to see prehistoric reptiles and mammals and mammoths.

Visit the County Museum

Discover the history of the unique place at the County Museum and get to explore the story of the country right from prehistory to the present day. While here, visit the atmospheric and nostalgic Victorian Gallery. You can as well see the Jurassic Coast Gallery so that you can learn about dinosaurs. Here you will be able to learn how the remains of the dinosaurs from the landscapes and rocks known today. There are pathways throughout with limited mobility.

Go to the Tutankhamun Exhibition

At the Tutankhamun Exhibition, you get to experience the wonder and magnificence of the world’s greatest finding of ancient treasure. Here, you can explore the ante-chamber that is filled with treasures that include sentinel facts of Tutankhamun, golden animal couches, as well as the golden throne. Also, you get to enjoy the odors of fragrant ointments, oils, and woods. This is the only place that you have the opportunity of coming face to face with Tutankhamun’s mummified body.

Go for a Thomas Hardy Explorer Tour

Thomas Hardy lovers can consider taking a guided tour. You have the chance of going for Ghost Walks. If you are in a group, you will be taken for a tour of the Teddy Bear Museum environs. There are also individual tours. You can either go for outer or inner tours. However, they can be combined so that they suit your interests and preferences.

Go To A Online Mattress Trial Store

If you show around for a while you might feel very tired and want to find a place to sleep a short while. You can go to furniture stores such as Ikea to take a short nap. The mattresses there are really very comfortable.

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Going to Cinema

You can consider spending your valuable time watching a movie at Plaza Cinema or Odeon Dorchester. If you are looking for a lovely, old fashioned, and amazing cinema with good refreshments, you can visit the Plaza cinema. Going to the cinema will be a reasonable night out for you and your family.

Visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum

If you have never learned about the history of Terracotta soldiers, you can do all that at Terracotta Warriors Museum. It’s small since it shares home with the teddy bear museum. The place is informative when it comes to learning how the warriors were found and put together.

Swimming and fitness facility

You can join the local community in the nearby sports center for swimming. Also, there is a fitness facility that offers a huge range of pf classes and activities for people of all ages.

Another thing that you can do near teddy bear museum is kayaking along the Jurassic Coast and sail in the twenty-twelve Olympic waters.

Cycling is good for your health. It’s one of the things that you can do near the museum. You can ride along unspoiled beaches or visit nature reserves. Cycling is one way to enjoy the south coast.